13 Nice and Fun Places To Hangout In Ikorodu

Nice place in Ikorodu
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Ikorodu, a lively city located in Lagos State’s northeast, isn’t just a bustling metropolis – it’s a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be explored! In this article, you will see fun and nice places in Ikorodu where you can take pictures and hangout with your friends or lovers.  Ikorodu has something for everyone.

For Couples

1. Midas Place

This place is ideal for couples or adults. Experience ultimate convenience at Midas Place. This premium lounge combines a delectable bar and grill with a pampering salon and a sparkling car wash, all under one roof. Savour a satisfying meal, catch the latest game on TV or challenge your friends to a friendly pool competition. The welcoming staff ensures a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

2. Laker’s Hotel

Treat yourself to a luxurious stay at Laker’s Hotel. This sophisticated establishment features a delectable restaurant serving exquisite dishes, comfortable rooms for a restful stay, and a relaxing lounge where you can unwind. Night owls can look forward to exciting events happening throughout the weekend.

3. KD’s Place Eatery

Fun places in Ikorodu for couples and to take pictures


A local favourite with over 10 branches across Ikorodu, KD’s Place caters to all appetites. Their extensive menu boasts an impressive selection of local favourites and continental delights, from refreshing beverages and pastries to complete meals. The warm ambience makes it ideal for family gatherings or casual meals with friends.

For Adults

4. Cloud 57 Lounge

Escape the daily grind and unwind at Cloud 57 Lounge. Renowned for its serene environment, courteous staff, and exceptional service, this lounge provides the perfect setting to relax after a long day or have a blast with friends. They tantalize your taste buds with delicious food, keep you entertained with fantastic music, and boast convenient daily hours for your ultimate comfort. See the best lounges and clubs in Ikorodu.

5. Orchid Pub

Experience the vibrant nightlife scene at Orchid Pub, a 24-hour establishment known for its captivating ambience. Adorned with beautiful floral decor and bathed in warm lighting, it offers ample space to relax and socialize.

They tantalize your palate with unique takes on Nigerian dishes, presented beautifully and sure to tantalize your taste buds. The impeccable customer service ensures a memorable experience. When the night falls, Orchid Pub transforms into a lively party venue, perfect for creating unforgettable memories with friends.


Perfect For Taking Pictures

6. FortExcel Place

This versatile venue offers a one-stop shop for all your needs. From a sparkling car wash to a delectable restaurant, a lively bar, a pampering salon, a rejuvenating spa, and comfortable lodging options, FortExcel Place caters to your every desire. Engage yourself in their unique jungle-inspired decor, savour their various menu, and enjoy their impressive selection of drinks.


7. Domino’s Pizza

Calling all pizza lovers! Domino’s Pizza offers a wide selection of pizzas to satisfy any craving, from classic flavours like pepperoni to a local twist with suya pizza. If you’re looking for something beyond pizza, they also offer other delectable meals. Don’t forget to check out the ice cream shop conveniently located right next door, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

8. The Majestic Awujale Palace

This 1933 architectural masterpiece serves as the residence of the Oba of Ijebuland. Its stunning courtyard, museum, and historical artefacts paint a vivid picture of the Ijebu people’s rich heritage.


9. The Ikorodu Heritage Museum

Go on a historical trip through the Ikorodu Heritage Museum’s collection. From pre-colonial artefacts revealing the town’s ancient lifestyle to exhibits showcasing music, art, religion, and politics, the museum reveals Ikorodu’s fascinating story.

10. The Legendary Ogidan Stone

Marvel at the colossal Ogidan Stone, which is the largest in West Africa. This natural wonder is said to have served as a shield during tribal conflicts of the past, holding enormous cultural significance to the people of Ikorodu.

11. Ikorodu Boating Club

Calling all adventure enthusiasts! The Ikorodu Boating Club offers a plethora of water-based activities, including boating, sailing, and fishing. This picturesque location is also perfect for picnics and unwinding amidst serene landscapes.

12. The Ojuloge Arts and Crafts Village

Uncover unique treasures at the Ojuloge Arts and Crafts Village. Located in the heart of Ikorodu, this thriving hub showcases the work of local artisans. Find the perfect handmade souvenirs or exquisite gifts for loved ones.


13. The Ebute-Iga Fort

Step back in time at the Ebute-Iga Fort, a pre-colonial historical site. This defensive structure, featuring a moat, walls, and various rooms, served as a vital stronghold for the Ijebu people during wartime.

Remember, this is just a starting point! Ikorodu offers more than the exciting options beyond this list.

Hope you enjoy our list of fun and nice places in Ikorodu you can hangout with friends and lover.

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