What to Do After Buying Land in Nigeria

What to Do After Buying Land in Nigeria
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Congratulations on becoming a landowner in Nigeria. It’s a significant achievement, but there are some important steps to take after the purchase to secure your investment and plan for the future.

Quick takeaway Points

These are the things you need to do after buying land in Nigeria:

  1. Secure documents & title
  2. Clear the land if it is not cleared
  3. Consider a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
  4. Take possession by fencing or start working on the land
  5. Consult a property lawyer for further advise.

What To Do When You Buy Land

Securing Your Ownership


1. Land Documents and Title

The first thing to do after buying land is to request the official land documents and title from the seller, whether you’re dealing with an individual or a real estate firm. Having these establishes your legal ownership and protects you from future disputes. Click here to read Land Documents and Titles In Nigeria You Need To Know

2. Taking Possession

Take ownership after buying

If you’ve purchased from an individual, take immediate steps to demonstrate your ownership and deter potential land grabbers. This might involve clearing any overgrowth or erecting a temporary fence. You can also consider registering the land with the local authorities to strengthen your claim. Taking these measures will give you peace of mind knowing you’re actively safeguarding your property. If you bought from a real estate firm, you have to reason no be afraid. Read more on the benefits to buy Land from real estate firm.

Planning for the Future



There’s no legal requirement in Nigeria to build on your land within a specific timeframe. The decision of when to develop your plot will likely depend on your financial situation:

1. Building Now

If your finances allow, you can move straight to the exciting planning stage. This involves hiring an architect to design your dream home or structure, obtaining the necessary building permits from the local government, and securing qualified contractors to bring your vision to life. An architect can help you translate your ideas into a functional and beautiful space, while qualified contractors will ensure the construction adheres to all building codes and safety regulations.

2. Building Later

If you need more time to save for construction, don’t worry. The land is yours, and its value may even appreciate over time. Consider applying for a mortgage to bridge the financial gap. See different lenders and research “mortgage loans in Nigeria” to find the best interest rates and terms that suit your needs. There are even specific mortgage options available for Nigerians living abroad, so don’t hesitate to check those possibilities if that applies to you. Consulting with a mortgage broker can be a valuable step – they can assess your financial situation and recommend lenders with the most competitive rates and programs.

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Remember, this is just the beginning of your land ownership journey. Consulting with a lawyer specializing in property law is highly recommended to ensure a smooth and secure process. With careful planning and the right resources, you can turn your land into a valuable asset and build your dream property on a solid foundation.

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