Ikorodu’s Nightlife: 9 Best Lounges and Clubs for Every Mood

best clubs and lounges in Ikorodu
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Ikorodu offers a lively nightlife scene with options ranging from relaxed lounges to energetic clubs. Whether you’re seeking a casual hangout with friends or a night of dancing, here’s a guide to some popular spots, this list contains both cheap and expensive clubs and lounges:

1. Horizon Lounge

Horizon Lounge is the perfect destination if you’re seeking a delightful spot to unwind during evenings or weekends in Ikorodu. It is located at No. 34, Olumo MTN Bus stop, Igbe road in the Igbogbo area of Ikorodu, Lagos, it promises an unforgettable experience.

Horizon Lounge boasts a fine dining restaurant offering delectable cuisine alongside an impressive array of drinks, cocktails, and spirits. With its energetic atmosphere, featuring a live band and a well-stocked bar, guests are drawn back time and again to bask in its pleasant and relaxing ambience.

Whether you prefer a serene afternoon or a lively evening filled with music and gyration, it caters to all preferences. Known for its dynamic lineup of events almost every night, you might even catch a live performance by local music acts like Remi Aluko and others.


Whether planning a birthday celebration or simply looking for a cosy dinner spot, it welcomes you with open arms. Whether you arrive solo or with a group of friends, the attentive waitstaff and management are dedicated to ensuring your visit is nothing short of exceptional.

2. Reggae Lounge

reggae lounge

If you’re looking for a lively spot with a focus on reggae music, it is the place to be. They also offer delicious grilled dishes and a full bar menu, making it a perfect option for a fun night out with friends.

3. Lounge 63

This 24-hour lounge is ideal for those who crave a late-night hangout. Relax with friends or catch up on work with a drink in hand.


4. Cloud 57 Lounge

cloud 57 lounge

For a trendy and upscale experience, Cloud 57 Lounge offers a stylish ambience and creative cocktails. It’s a great place to see and be seen.

5. House Two Inns, Sports Bar and Lounge

Calling all sports fans! This lounge combines the excitement of sports with a relaxed atmosphere. Watch the latest games on their big screens while enjoying drinks and pub fare.

6. Midas Place

This versatile venue offers a lounge area alongside a restaurant, making it a great option for a full dining and drinks experience.


7. Embassy Lounge and Club

This hidden gem offers a surprisingly cheap yet classy atmosphere. They boast a 24-hour service on weekends, making it a great choice for night owls who won’t be deterred by a lighter wallet.


8. The Place Lounge and Nightclub

The Place Lounge and Nightclub, is an exceptional destination for an electrifying and unforgettable nightlife experience in Ikorodu. It is located in a bustling neighbourhood at 52 Ayangburen Road, Lagos, this venue boasts easy accessibility and top-notch security measures to ensure the utmost safety of all patrons.

With its inviting atmosphere, it offers a premier dining experience featuring delectable finger foods prepared to perfection, tailored to suit your palate. Enjoy various exotic cocktails and beverages while soaking in the lively atmosphere.


The carefully curated music selection sets the tone for an evening of relaxation and sophistication, promising a memorable experience that will leave you yearning for more. Open daily from 5 pm till midnight, each visit promises a fresh and exciting experience.

Whether you’re seeking a delightful food adventure or a lively night out with friends in Ikorodu, The Place Lounge is a must-visit destination.

9. Elysian Lounge

Elysian Lounge, is a beautiful new venue worth seeing. Located at 55 Tiamiyu Obeh Street, Owutu, Ikorodu, Lagos, it welcomes those in search of a fresh experience.

Step into the stunning interior of Elysian Lounge, where comfort seamlessly intertwines with sophistication. Impeccable service awaits, ensuring a delightful visit every time. What’s more, the budget-friendly prices mean you can enjoy without worrying over expenses. It promises a memorable outing without breaking the bank.


Choosing Your Perfect Lounge and Club

With this list, you’re sure to find the perfect lounge and club in Ikorodu to suit your mood and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed afternoon hangout, a lively night with friends, or a stylish spot to see and be seen, Ikorodu’s lounge scene has something for everyone. So grab your friends, unwind, and enjoy!

These are just a starting point, and with a little quest, you’re sure to find other hidden lounges and clubs in Ikorodu that cater to your budget and vibe.

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