Why Buying Land by the Acre Makes Sense

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Investing in land, particularly by the acre, offers several advantages that can be highly beneficial in the long run. Here are a couple of compelling reasons to consider buying land in larger plots:

1. Potential for Significant Appreciation

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Land, especially in developing areas, often experiences significant value appreciation over time. Imagine purchasing an acre of land for 6 plots at N500,000 each, totalling N3 million. If, in a few years, the value per plot increases to N2 million, selling the entire acre would fetch you N12 million. This translates to a profit of N9 million, a substantial return on your investment.

2. Flexibility and Future Options

Owning a larger piece of land provides greater flexibility for future use. If you’re planning to build a house but lack the immediate resources to construct the entire structure, you can sell off a portion of the land to generate funds for the initial stages of construction. This allows you to get started on your dream project without having to wait until you have the full amount saved up.


3. Privacy and Seclusion

Owning a larger plot often translates to more space between you and your neighbours, creating a sense of privacy and seclusion that might be difficult to find in densely populated areas. This can be particularly attractive for those seeking a tranquil and private living environment.


4. Potential for Multiple Uses

Depending on zoning regulations and the land’s characteristics, owning an acre can open doors for various uses beyond building a single residence. You might consider using a portion for gardening, raising livestock, or even creating recreational areas, like trails or a small pond.

5. Recreational Opportunities

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Owning acres opens doors to various recreational activities. You might consider hiking, camping, horseback riding, or even building personal sports facilities on your property.


6. Self-Sufficiency

Owning a larger piece of land allows you to explore greater self-sufficiency. You could raise livestock, cultivate gardens, or even install solar panels to generate your own power, depending on local regulations and your resources.

7. Hedge Against Inflation

Historically, land has proven to be a good hedge against inflation. As the cost of living rises, the value of land tends to follow suit, potentially offering some protection against the erosion of purchasing power over time.

Before buying, thoroughly research the area:

  • Development plans: Are there plans for construction or infrastructure projects nearby?
  • Zoning regulations: What restrictions are there on land use in the area?
  • Environmental concerns: Are there any potential environmental hazards to consider?

Consulting a real estate professional can be highly beneficial for an informed decision. Additionally, we can help you with the best places to buy land in Nigeria for maximum benefits based on your specific goals and needs.


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