Don’t Get Demolished! How To Get Lagos Building Permits (Approval)

Lagos building permits
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Imagine pouring your heart and resources into constructing your dream building in Lagos, only to have it demolished by the authorities. Unfortunately, this harsh reality awaits those who build without a proper building permit. But fear not, because this comprehensive guide will equip you with everything you need to know about building permits in Lagos. From understanding the risks of going permit-less to the application process, fees, and timelines, this article will ensure your construction project steers clear of demolition and proceeds smoothly.

Building Permit Takeaways Points for Lagos:

  • Why you need a permit: Safety, legality, property value, access to utilities.
  • Risks of skipping it: Fines, delays, demolition, selling/renting troubles.
  • Faster approvals: Apply online via e-PPPS (supposedly in 10 minutes for qualified applications).

What is a Building Permit in Lagos?

What is a Building Permit in Lagos?

A building permit is a formal document issued by the Lagos State Government that grants permission to proceed with construction on a specific site. This permit verifies that your proposed building design adheres to zoning regulations, building codes, and safety guidelines. It ensures your project aligns with the overall development plan for the area.


Importance of Obtaining a Building Permit in Lagos

There are several compelling reasons to obtain a building permit before commencing construction in Lagos:

  • Safety: Permitted buildings undergo a thorough review process to guarantee structural integrity and compliance with fire safety regulations. This minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries during construction and ensures a safe living or working environment upon completion.
  • Legality: Building without a permit is a violation of Lagos State laws. This can lead to hefty fines, project stoppages, or even demolition of the unauthorized structure.
  • Increased Property Value: A permitted building generally holds a higher market value compared to an unauthorized one. This is because buyers have greater confidence in the structural integrity and legal standing of the property.
  • Access to Utilities: Connection to essential utilities like water, electricity, and sewage typically requires a valid building permit.

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Risks of Building Without a Permit

Skipping the building permit process can lead to a number of complications:

  • Financial Penalties: The Lagos State Government can impose significant fines for unauthorized construction.
  • Project Delays: Authorities can halt construction until a permit is obtained, causing project delays and additional costs.
  • Demolition: In severe cases, the government may order the demolition of an unauthorized structure. According to Punch Newspaper Lagos sets to demolish unapproved buildings in July and you may be asked to pay for demolition.
  • Difficulties with Selling or Renting: The lack of a building permit can significantly hinder your ability to sell or rent your property.

Recent Changes to the Building Permit Process (e.g., 10-minute Approval System)

The Lagos State Government has implemented innovative initiatives to streamline the building permit process. One such initiative is the introduction of the Electronic Physical Planning Permit System (e-PPPS). This online platform allows for faster processing times, with some reports suggesting approvals can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes for qualified applications.


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Stages of the Building Permit Process

Obtaining a building permit in Lagos typically involves a few key stages:

  1. Pre-application meeting (optional): A pre-application meeting with a LASBCA official allows you to discuss your project and receive guidance on the required documents and procedures.
  2. Application submission: This involves submitting all necessary documents, including architectural drawings, structural plans, and relevant property documents, through the Electronic Physical Planning Permit System (e-PPPS) or physically at the LASBCA District Office.
  3. Screening and Fee Payment: LASBCA will assess your application for completeness. Once approved, you’ll pay a screening fee to initiate the processing stage.
  4. Technical Review: The building plans and documents undergo a thorough review by LASBCA engineers and other specialists to ensure compliance with building codes and zoning regulations.
  5. Issuance of Building Permit: Upon successful review, LASBCA will issue your official building permit, along with endorsed drawings and a planning permit letter.

Note: The specific stages and required documents may vary depending on the nature and complexity of your project. It’s always advisable to consult with a qualified architect or engineer who can guide you through the process.

Documents Required for a Building Permit in Lagos

Documents Required for a Building Permit in Lagos


Obtaining a building permit in Lagos is vital for any construction project. It ensures your plans comply with regulations and safety standards. Here’s a breakdown of the documents you’ll typically need:

Essential Documents:

  • Architectural drawings: Detailed plans prepared by a registered architect. These illustrate the design, layout, and dimensions of your building.
  • Survey plan: A certified plan of the property, showing its boundaries, topography, and existing structures.
  • Structural drawings with engineer’s certification: These plans, prepared by a COREN-registered engineer, detail the structural integrity of your building, including foundations, beams, and columns. The engineer’s certification verifies their compliance with building codes.
  • Title documents and tax clearances: Proof of ownership of the land. This could be a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), registered survey, governor’s consent, or letter of allocation. You’ll also need current tax clearance certificates, such as land use charge and development levy receipts.

Additional Documents (Project-Specific):

The following documents might be required depending on the nature and complexity of your project:

  • Mechanical and electrical drawings: For complex projects, these plans detail the building’s electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Clearance letters: You may need clearances from various government agencies depending on your project’s location or size. This could include the Lagos State Fire Service, Ministry of Transport, or Office of Drainage Services.
  • Environmental Impact Analysis Report (EIA): For large-scale projects that may have a significant environmental impact, an EIA report is mandatory.
  • Soil test report: This report, obtained from a geotechnical engineer, is essential for buildings on swampy ground or requiring deep foundations.

You can find information on building permit requirements for different land tenure systems on the Lagos state website.

How to Apply for a Building Permit in Lagos: Online and Offline Options

How to Apply for a Building Permit in Lagos

Obtaining a building permit in Lagos is paramount for any construction project. Here’s a breakdown of the application process through both online and offline channels:

Online Application via e-PPPS

  1. Gather Required Documents: Prepare digital copies of architectural drawings, survey plan, structural drawings with engineer’s certification, title documents, tax clearances, and any project-specific documents.
  2. Register on e-PPPS: Visit the Lagos State Electronic Physical Planning Permit System (e-PPPS) website (search for “Lagos e-PPPS”). Register for an account and familiarize yourself with the platform.
  3. Initiate Application: Create a new application and carefully enter project details. Upload all the required documents in the designated sections. Ensure file sizes and formats meet the system’s requirements.
  4. Screening Fee Payment: Pay the initial screening fee online using the available payment options. Once the fee is processed, your application will be reviewed for completeness.
  5. Review and Correction: You may be notified if additional information or document revisions are needed. Address those and resubmit the application electronically.
  6. Site Inspection and Approval: Upon successful review, a physical site inspection by Lagos State officials may be scheduled. Once approved, you’ll be notified to proceed with the remaining fees.
  7. Final Payment and Permit Collection: Make the final processing fee payment online. After processing is complete, you’ll be notified to download a printable copy of your building permit and collect endorsed drawings from the designated office.

Physical Submission at District Office

  1. Document Preparation: Obtain physical copies of all required documents mentioned earlier. Ensure they are properly collated and presented in good condition.
  2. Visit District Office: Locate the District Office serving your project area. Contact details for each district office can be found on the Lagos State Government website.
  3. Application Submission: Present your documents and application form (available at the District Office) to the designated personnel. Pay the screening fee at the office.
  4. Follow Up and Approval: The District Office will process your application and may request additional information or revisions. Similar to the online process, a site inspection will likely be scheduled. Upon approval, you’ll be notified to pay the remaining fees.
  5. Permit Collection: Make the final processing fee payment at the District Office. Once processing is complete, collect your building permit and endorsed drawings.

Fees Associated with Building Permits

The total cost of your building permit will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. Here’s a breakdown of the typical fee structure:

  • Screening Fee: This is the initial fee (10,000) paid to process your application for completeness.
  • Balance of Processing Fee: This fee covers the primary processing of your application by LASBCA.
  • Stage Certification Fee: This additional fee is paid at different stages of construction to verify compliance.

Note: LASG offers 40% discount on building permit

Timeline for Building Permit Approval

The standard processing time for a building permit in Lagos is approximately 28 days after your application successfully passes the screening stage. However, this timeline can be influenced by several factors:

  • Complexity of your project: Larger or more intricate projects may require additional evaluations, extending the processing time.
  • Completeness of your application: Incomplete applications will be delayed for resubmission. Ensure all required documents are included and meet the specified format.
  • Site inspection: Delays can occur if the LASBCA representative is unavailable for a site visit.

Remember, a smooth and timely application process relies heavily on having your documents in order and adhering to the guidelines set forth by LASBCA.

Collection of the Building Permit

Collection of the Building Permit


Once your application is approved, you can collect your building permit. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Endorsed Drawings: Bring five (5) sets of the final drawings that were submitted and approved. These drawings will be stamped and signed by the Lagos State Government officials. Ensure you have architectural, structural (if applicable), electrical (if applicable), and mechanical (if applicable) drawings.
  • Planning Permit Letter: You will be notified by email that your permit is ready. Upon collection, present the original planning permit letter you received via registered mail.
  • Form ‘C’ for Stage Certification: This form is required for obtaining the final Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation from LASBCA. Be aware that Form ‘C’ needs to be processed at the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) before any construction work begins.

Additional Considerations

While obtaining the permit is a crucial step, remember these additional points for a smooth building process:

  • Importance of Qualified Professionals: Involve qualified professionals like architects and engineers registered with the Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN) throughout the process. They can ensure your plans meet building codes and safety regulations.
  • Site Inspection: The Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development may conduct a site inspection to verify the project details align with the approved plans. Cooperate fully with the inspection process.
  • Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation: After construction is complete, obtain a Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation from the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA). This is mandatory before occupying the building.


Obtaining a building permit is essential for safe and legal construction in Lagos. This guide has outlined the key steps involved. Remember:

  • Building without a permit can lead to serious consequences.
  • The process has been streamlined with the e-PPPS for faster approvals.
  • Work with qualified professionals and obtain the necessary certifications for a successful project.

For further information and detailed guidelines, refer to the Lagos State Government websites, particularly the Lagos State Electronic Planning Permit System (e-PPPS).


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