How To Become a Realtor In Nigeria Without Experience

How To Become a Realtor In Nigeria Without Experience
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Nigeria’s booming real estate sector offers exciting opportunities, and you might be considering a career as a realtor. The good news? You don’t necessarily need prior experience to get started. This path requires dedication and an eagerness to learn, but it’s definitely achievable.

In this article, we’ll go through the key steps to becoming a realtor in Nigeria, even if you’re a newcomer to the field.

What is Real Estate

What is Real Estate

Real estate refers to land and anything permanently attached to it, including natural and man-made features. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Land: This is the foundation, the actual plot of ground.
  • Improvements: These are the buildings, structures, and other things built on the land. Think houses, apartments, office buildings, shopping centres, and even fences.
  • Natural Resources: Anything valuable that naturally grows or exists on the land is considered part of the real estate. This could include trees, minerals, or water resources.

In summary, real estate is immovable property. You can’t pick it up and move it somewhere else. This contrasts with personal property, which includes things like furniture, cars, and electronics.

Real estate is further categorized based on its use:

  • Residential: This refers to property meant for people to live in, like houses, apartments, and condominiums.
  • Commercial: This encompasses property used for business purposes, like office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels.
  • Industrial: This includes land and buildings utilized for manufacturing and production facilities.
  • Raw Land: Undeveloped land that hasn’t been built falls under this category.
  • Special Use: This covers properties used for specific purposes, like airports, schools, or places of worship.

Owning real estate can be a significant investment, and the real estate market is a major factor in a country’s economy.

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What is Real Estate Business?

What is Real Estate Business?

The real estate business revolves around buying, selling, or renting real estate, which encompasses land, buildings, and housing. It involves a variety of professionals who facilitate these transactions and manage real estate as an asset. Here’s a closer look at the real estate business:

Core Activities:

  • Sales and Rentals: This is the most common aspect, where real estate agents or brokers connect buyers and sellers (or renters and landlords) to facilitate property transactions. They handle marketing, negotiations, and paperwork to ensure a smooth process.
  • Property Management: Some businesses specialize in managing rental properties for owners. This includes tasks like tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Real Estate Development: This involves acquiring land, planning, and constructing new buildings or structures. Developers may also renovate existing properties to increase their value.
  • Real Estate Investment: This includes buying and owning property to generate income through rent or resale at a profit. There are various investment strategies, and some businesses manage real estate investment portfolios for clients.

Industry Roles:

  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers: Licensed professionals who represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. They act as intermediaries, guiding clients through the process and securing the best deals.
  • Appraisers: Professionals who estimate the market value of real estate properties. This is crucial for transactions like buying, selling, or obtaining financing.
  • Property Managers: Individuals or companies responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of residential or commercial rental properties.
  • Real Estate Developers: Entrepreneurs who identify opportunities, secure financing, and manage the development process to create new buildings or communities.
  • Real Estate Investors: Individuals or companies that invest in real estate to generate income or capital appreciation.

The real estate business is a dynamic and complex sector that plays an important role in Nigeria’s economy. It offers various career paths and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Who Is A Realtor/ Real Estate Agent

Who Is A Realtor/ Real Estate Agent

In Nigeria, a Realtor is someone who acts as a facilitator in property transactions, connecting sellers with buyers or renters. They leverage their local market knowledge and negotiation skills to guide clients through the buying, selling, or renting process. While a license isn’t required, reputable agents often belong to professional associations ensuring ethical practices.

How To Become A Realtor

1. Gain Industry Exposure

  • Non-Sales Roles: Look for entry-level positions at real estate firms. Roles like property manager or administrative assistant can provide valuable insights into the industry’s workings.
  • Apprenticeship: In Nigeria, apprenticeships are a common way to learn the ropes. Connect with a professional realtor and shadow them to gain practical experience.

2. Education and Training

  • Formal Courses: While not mandatory, professional courses enhance your knowledge and credibility.
  • Independent Learning: Devour resources on Nigerian real estate law, property valuation, negotiation, and marketing. Stay updated on market trends. Launch your real estate career with Bukasin Unique Estate’s free Realtor training program.

3. Build Your Skills and Credibility

  • Networking: Attend industry events and connect with realtors, brokers, and potential clients. Build a strong network.
  • Personal Branding: Craft a professional online presence showcasing your interest and skills in real estate.

4. Level Up Your Skills: Communication and Market Savvy

  • Master the Art of Connection: Clear communication builds trust. Sharpen your negotiation, presentation, and active listening skills to truly connect with clients.
  • Become a Market Guru: Stay on top of your game. Deepen your knowledge of market trends, property values, and legal regulations in your area.

Remember, success as a realtor depends on your hustle, communication skills, and market knowledge. While a license isn’t mandatory, consider it a long-term goal for added credibility.


Salary For Real Estate Agent

Salary For Real Estate Agent

Income for real estate agents is a rollercoaster. There’s no steady paycheck, but top performers can earn big commissions. The sky’s the limit, but what they bring home depends on several factors.

  • Property Value Matters: Selling an acre of land brings a much larger commission than a plot.
  • Commission Rates Play a Role: The percentage of the sale price an agent earns varies.

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