17 Best Places to Live in Lagos (Mainland and Island)

Best Places to Live in Lagos (Mainland and Island)
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Lagos is a big and exciting city in Nigeria, like the beating heart of the country’s economy. It’s always busy and full of life, with a mix of modern life and deep cultural roots. There are many different neighbourhoods to choose from, each with its vibe. Whether you want to live in a fancy area or a more simple one, there’s a place for you in Lagos.

But picking a place to live in Lagos needs some thought. Here are some things to consider:

  • Money: How much can you afford to spend on rent? There are expensive houses and more affordable apartments.
  • Traffic: Getting around Lagos can be slow because of traffic jams. Think about how far you’re willing to live from work or school.
  • Lifestyle: Do you like to go out at night, or do you prefer a calmer place to raise a family?

Lagos has a lot to offer, so take some time to see its different neighbourhoods. By thinking about these things, you can find the perfect spot to live in this energetic city.

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Lagos Island: Luxurious Living and Upscale Developments

Lagos Island offers a lifestyle of sophistication and comfort. Here, you’ll find a range of neighbourhoods catering to those seeking the finer things in life.

High-End Neighbourhoods:

1. Victoria Island

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is the heart of Lagos Island, pulsating with a vibrant mix of business and leisure. Here, you’ll find a collection of luxury apartments, high-end restaurants, and trendy bars. It’s the perfect location for those who crave the excitement of the city centre and proximity to major corporations.


2. Ikoyi


If you seek a quieter enclave, Ikoyi offers a serene environment with beautiful homes, embassies, and high-end schools. This exclusive neighbourhood boasts a relaxed atmosphere while still providing easy access to the buzz of Victoria Island.

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3. Banana Island

Best Places to Live in Lagos (Mainland and Island)


For those who desire ultimate exclusivity, Banana Island reigns supreme. This luxurious artificial island is home to some of the wealthiest residents in Nigeria. Here, you’ll find sprawling ultra-luxury homes and a sense of unparalleled privacy.

4. Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic is a brand new city being built right off the coast of Lagos, Nigeria. They’re creating it on land they made themselves! The whole city will be high-tech and modern, with all the latest features and services. They’re aiming to finish it all up by 2027.

Upscale Developments:


Beyond the established high-end neighborhoods, Lagos Island offers exciting new developments:

5. Lekki Phase 1

Lekki Phase 1

It is located on the Lekki Peninsula, Lekki Phase 1 is a flourishing area with modern amenities, stunning homes, and beautiful beach access. This upscale development caters to those who desire a luxurious lifestyle with a touch of coastal charm.

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6. Ikate


Ikate provides a family-friendly environment within Lagos Island. With a mix of apartments and secure estates, this up-and-coming area offers a comfortable and convenient living experience for families.

Lagos Mainland

Lagos Mainland offers a vibrant mix of energy and established communities, catering to various lifestyles. Whether you’re a young professional seeking a trendy hub or a family prioritizing a secure environment, the mainland presents exciting options.

7. Ikeja



As the capital of Lagos, Ikeja is the undisputed king of business and commerce. It houses the seat of government, major corporate offices, and boasts a well-developed network of transportation links, making commutes a breeze.

8. Surulere


Surulere isn’t just a place to live in Lagos, it’s a place to experience it. The city thrums with a vibrant energy, and Surulere is right at the heart of it. You can catch a game at the National Stadium. Whether you’re looking for delicious street food or a night out, Surulere has something for everyone. Surulere’s true magic lies in its diversity. You’ll find young families alongside established professionals, all woven together into a tight-knit community. It’s a place where you can truly feel like a Lagosian.

9. Yaba



Often dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Lagos,” Yaba is a haven for young professionals with a fast-paced, innovative vibe. Tech startups, trendy bars, and energetic nightspots paint the scene in this hub of creativity and ambition.

10. Magodo


Are you seeking a peaceful haven within the city? Look no further than Magodo. Renowned for its secure estates, reputable schools, and tranquil environment, Magodo is the ideal sanctuary for families seeking a secure and nurturing atmosphere to raise their children. see Land For sale in Magodo.

11. Gbagada


This up-and-coming area offers the best of both worlds. Gbagada boasts a good mix of residential and commercial properties, ensuring convenience for families. The area also features excellent transport links, making commutes to other parts of Lagos easy.


12. Maryland


A well-connected suburb with a central location, Maryland offers a mix of residential and commercial areas. This convenient location provides easy access to different parts of Lagos (very close to Ikeja and Ojota), making it a strategic choice for those who value easy commutes.

13. Apapa


It is primarily known for its bustling port, Apapa can be a suitable option for those working in the shipping industry. However, be aware of potential traffic congestion in the area, which can significantly impact commutes.


14. Ikorodu


If affordability is your top priority, Ikorodu might be the answer. This distant suburb offers a more budget-friendly housing market. However, the trade-off is a lengthy commute to other parts of the city. It is very near to Epe and Ogun state. See land for sale in Ikorodu and Fun spots to hangout in Ikorodu.

15. Ogba


This industrial area caters to those who prioritize affordability and easy access to workplaces. Ogba offers a mix of residential options, but be prepared for a potentially busy and industrial environment.


 16. Ojota


If affordability is a significant consideration, Ojota offers an excellent range of budget-friendly housing options. This neighborhood is a melting pot of different  cultures, fostering an inclusive and welcoming community.

Its central location ensures that residents have convenient access to markets, shopping centers, and public transport. While it may not be as bustling as some other areas, Ojota’s affordability makes it an attractive choice for many.

For those seeking an affordable yet vibrant neighborhood, this is a hidden gem on the Lagos mainland. This area offers a mix of apartments, bungalows, and duplexes at budget-friendly prices.


Ojota’s affordability and central location make it an attractive option for first-time homebuyers and young professionals. Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment or a spacious duplex, Ojota has housing options that won’t break the bank.

17. Epe


Are you craving the energy of Lagos but yearning for a peaceful escape? Look no further than Epe, a hidden gem located on the eastern banks of the Lagos Lagoon. This charming town boasts a tranquil atmosphere, a welcome contrast to the bustling city center. Epe’s proximity to Lekki makes it perfect for those who want easy access to Lagos’ commercial hub, while still enjoying a serene home environment.

Imagine unwinding after a long day amidst lush greenery, or indulging in water activities on the lagoon – a lifestyle Epe promises. And the best part? Epe’s property market is flourishing, offering affordable options for those seeking a piece of Lagos paradise. See Land For Sale In Epe and Fun places to hangout in Epe.



Lagos is a city with a thousand faces, and its neighbourhoods reflect that diversity. From the luxurious enclaves of Banana Island to the energetic sprawl of Yaba, there’s a place for everyone in Lagos. The key lies in understanding your priorities. Consider your budget, desired lifestyle, commute tolerance, and the level of security you seek. With careful consideration, you’ll find the Lagos Mainland or Island neighborhood that perfectly complements your unique rhythm.

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