Is Epe the Right Investment for You? A Guide to Buying Land

why you should invest in epe
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Epe is a very large area with hectares of land. No doubt the developments in Epe are positively affecting properties. It is one of the rapid developments happening in Lagos, Nigeria.

It is believed that Epe will be the Lagos industrial Hub and a smart mega city. However, a lot of people still consider it a remote area and do not know why they should invest in this location.

A wise man once said:

Find out where people are going and buy the land before they get there.


Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.

Listed below are the major reasons why you should invest in Epe:

1. Strategic Location and Infrastructure

  • Gateway to Economic Hubs: Epe’s proximity to the Lekki Free Zone, Deep Sea Port, and major expressways positions it as a vital link in Lagos’s economic terrain. This connectivity fosters business opportunities and facilitates seamless trade.
  • Future Growth Corridor: The ongoing development of the Lekki-Epe Expressway, the proposed airport project and the $100M Lagos Film City project are set to open Epe’s potential, transforming it into a profitable commercial and residential centre.

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2. Dry Land Advantage

A significant advantage of Epe is that over 97% of its land is dry, eliminating concerns about flooding and associated challenges. This makes the land ideal for various development projects, from residential communities to commercial establishments.


3. Affordability

  • Land at Reasonable Prices: Compared to other areas in Lagos, Epe offers significantly lower land prices, making it an attractive option for first-time investors and those seeking value for their money.
  • Lower Cost of Living: The overall cost of living in Epe, including housing, utilities, and transportation, is considerably lower than in other parts of Lagos, offering an advantage for individuals and businesses alike.

4. Investment Potential

  • Capital Appreciation: With ongoing infrastructure development and increasing demand, land prices in Epe are expected to appreciate significantly in the coming years, offering investors the potential for high returns. This is known as land banking.
  • Various Investment Options: Epe caters to a variety of investment interests, from residential plots and commercial properties to agricultural ventures and tourism projects.

5. Flourishing Educational Hub

  • Epe is home to several established universities like Augustine University, Michael Otedola College of Education, Pan-Atlantic University and Yaba College of Technology. These institutions attract a large student population, creating a demand for housing, amenities, and supporting businesses.
  • Alaro City itself plans to incorporate educational facilities, catering to the growing educational needs of the community. This further strengthens Epe’s position as a prominent educational centre.

6. Alaro City: A Catalyst for Growth

  • Alaro City is conceived as a booming economic zone, attracting businesses, industries, and residents. This large-scale development is expected to create significant job opportunities and boost the overall infrastructure of the region.
  • The influx of residents and businesses will drive demand for real estate, potentially leading to property value appreciation in Epe.

7. Additional Benefits

  • Natural Beauty: Epe boasts stunning natural landscapes, including beaches, lagoons, and mangroves, offering a serene environment and potential for tourism development. See 7 Beautiful Places In Epe.
  • Safe and Secure: Epe is known for its peaceful and secure environment, making it an ideal location for families and businesses seeking a peaceful atmosphere. it is one of the Safest places to live and do business in Lagos.

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How Much is a Plot of Land in Epe

The price for a plot of land in Epe varies. The average price is N3 million naira.

Is Epe A Good Place To Buy Land?

Yes, Epe is one of the best places to buy cheap land in Lagos. Why? It’s no longer new to everyone, that securing a piece of land is an investment. The value appreciates in a period. However, buying land in Epe is an added advantage. You get to acquire a piece of land at a cheaper amount and also get a higher ROI as time goes on.

Furthermore, If you are looking to make money every year, investing in Epe is a good option for you. You can buy houses and use them for short let or rentals.


Nonetheless, there is also a need to plan for the future i.e. your retirement plan. Epe is a good place to buy land and execute plans to make your retirement comfortable for you.


Epe’s strategic location, affordability, Flourishing Educational Hub, Alaro city and development prospects make it a compelling investment destination. With its diverse offerings and potential for high returns, Epe is poised to become a major player in Lagos’s future.

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