Your Guide to Survey Plans in Nigeria

what is survey plan
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Imagine you buy a piece of land, but you’re unsure exactly where the edges are. That’s where a land survey plan comes in. It’s like a detailed map of your property, showing its precise size, boundaries, and location.

What Is a Survey Plan

A survey plan is a detailed, legally recognized map of a specific piece of land. It’s created by a licensed surveyor who visits the property to measure its boundaries and features.

Why is a Survey Plan Important?

Think of it like a passport for your land. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Proof of Ownership: A survey plan acts as evidence of your land’s size and location.
  • Avoids Disputes: With clear boundaries, you can prevent arguments with neighbours about where your property ends and theirs begins.
  • Essential for Building: You’ll need a registered survey plan before getting approval to build on your land. See how a land becomes a Registered Surveys.
  • Safeguards Your Investment: A proper survey plan protects your investment by ensuring you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

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What Does a Survey Plan Show?

A good survey plan typically includes:

  • Your Name: As the current owner of the land.
  • Land Size and Description: The exact area of your property.
  • Boundaries: Clear markings showing the edges of your land.
  • Beacons: Reference points used to identify the property’s location.
  • Registered Surveyor’s Seal and Signature: Verification that a licensed professional conducted the survey.
  • Survey Plan Number: Unique identification for your specific plan.
  • Free From Government Acquisition Stamp: Confirms the land isn’t claimed by the government.
sample of survey plan
sample of survey plan

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Getting a Survey Plan

In Nigeria, only registered surveyors can conduct land surveys. Here’s a general process:

  1. Hire a Registered Surveyor: They’ll visit your land, take measurements, and prepare the plan.
  2. Fieldwork: The surveyor will mark the boundaries and collect data.
  3. Plan Preparation: The surveyor creates a detailed plan with all the necessary information.
  4. Registration: The surveyor submits the plan to the Surveyor-General’s office in your state for registration.

Remember: The registration process is very important. Until your survey plan is registered, it’s not considered fully valid.


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Keeping Your Plan Safe

Once you have your registered survey plan, keep it in a secure location. It’s a valuable document you might need in the future for property transactions or resolving boundary issues.

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